PDF texture


The PDF texture in the contributions is not working as expected lately, there is problem in downloading the file from the contribution too. It was working like a charm in the earlier releases but i am not sure if its because some compatibility issue with 28.1. The case is it opens few PDF fine and most PDF doesn’t open. Really don’t know what causing this problem.

Can someone figure solution for this or its just on my PC and works fine on 28.1 ?


Additional information about the bug…

It works fine to see all PDF in one go like the help patch but when i use a getslice to switch PDF then texture kinda stuck with the previous cache, the reload pin is not helping… the texture updates only when i alt+rightclick(reset) the PDF texture node + some PDF doesn’t show up at all.

Here i attach a PDF never worked for me, please let me know if anyone can see this and solution for switching PDF one at a time.

Hackathan.pdf (271.3 kB)

@ Urbankind: I have tested the contribution today with b29.2x86. You can load all your PDF and then select the texture without any vvvv block. Your PDF doesn’t work because the PDFsharp library version that has been used in the plugin cannot handle some feature introduced with Acrobat 6. I resaved your PDF as PDF compatible with Acrobat 5 and it works fine. Look at the attached file. ;)

I suggested to the forum some updates and implementations for pdf-texture-(ex9.texture) plugin in its contribution page.

Hackathan_2.pdf (273.0 kB)