PCI video card

Hey Folks,
so far I’ve done alright with my Firewire cam but know it slows my machine down to much.
Can anyone suggest me a PCI card that is optimized on image speed, not quality (that brings good results in VVVV)?
Cheers Jannis


I can recommend every capture card with Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipset.
Hauppauge Impact VCP, Hauppauge WinTV Express, Leadtek VC 100 …

Please do NOT use the manufacturers driver that comes with the card but the Universal Video Capture driver for Bt848/Bt878 based capture cards available at SourceForge.net. This driver is more stable, faster and complete controllable through VVVV as it does not need the additional not WDM-compatible programs that come with the cards.
Please also go to:

If you are looking for a better (but also siginficantly more expensive card) I can recommend the cards made or distributed by viewcast http://www.viewcast.com.
They even have a pretty good deinterlacing feature.
They Osprey 100 is identical with the Hauppauge Imact VCP, unfortunatly the viewcast-driver with the deinterlacing feature does not work with the hauppauge card.

Please also have a look at the audio/video FAQ under Dokumentation.


i also have two “pinnacle pctv stereo pal” running sucessfully in one pc here.
they don’t work with the btwincap drivers but bring their own working one.

Thanks guys,
I think I’ll do some shopping these days…
Cheers Jannis