PC voice generator

Hello vvvvorum,
looking for a node that has a text input and a computer voice output. Is there a native one or a plugin?

Sorry if someone asked the question before, but I found no entry in the forum.

thx a lot

hey roman, you can use the c# System.Speech namespace to do that. here is a simple code example: http://dotnet-snippets.de/dns/text-to-speech-sprachausgabe-SID1392.aspx

elias and me used it for the demo at node10… maybe the nodes flows around somewhere.

there’s also Speech (String) by @vux in the addonpack

the credits for Speech Synthesis] should go to @dEp!

of course it is valuable to mention @vuxen’s plugin here!
but it is about speech recognition (see vux-plugins-list )