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hi people

I am thinking of buying a new patching computer, I am doing a project right now which involves a lot of video-processing and interactivity.
can anybody tell me what system specs are the best for this kind of projects?

before I buy something that is very good, but not for these things

thanx a lot in advance

see http://www.vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=System+Recommendations

i’d like to pipe in here, and make sure that the graphics card of the new machine i’ll probably buy will work properly with vvvv?
It’s a Quadro FX 770 M. There’s no problem/ driver issue/ shader issue with the Quadro series, right?

why a quadro card ? quadros are cool for CAD programs, engineers. a friend of mine has one and v4 runs fine as far as i know. anyway i’d get a mobile version of the 9800 chip…like the GeForce 9800M GTX. standard geforce cards are good for games hence for v4…that’s my simple rule.

@artvt , get an intel quad core, a geforce 8800GTX or better, a mainboard with more than one PCI-X graphicscard slot is always usefull for multiple outputs.

if u want to do lots of video stuff, streaming from the harddisc, get some 10.000 rpm raptor HD in a RAID. expensive but quick.

what else ? lots of ram, sturdy metal case and insurance ;)

simply because my uni has a nice offer for a range of laptops right now, and the laptop i’d like to have happens to have this card built in, without option to change it. so i wanted to know if there is some kind of knock-out thing about this card i don’t know about before buying. i’m aware of the CAD-optimisation, but i don’t think it’s too bad, is it?

should do the job

i would go for Geforce,like Geforce 8800GT,since the quadro for cad-optimisation only

and what impact does “CAD-optimisation” have on graphics performance liquid? and (why) is that a knock-out criterion?
i heard it optimizes for multiple windows instead of fullscreen renderers? and that it can be “persuaded” by alternative drivers to consider itself a “gaming card”

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