Pausing video stream

hi chaps

if i have a live video stream, is there a way to ‘pause’ it? - showing only the last frame of the stream.

you can do that with the do seek and the seek postion pin
When do seek is set to 1 the video is control with the seek position value. You just have to set the seek position with the timing of the last frame.

thanks sanch, but i meant that i had a live video stream, not a streaming video file.

sorry if that wasn’t clear - i’m not sure how i had the question worded, since i’m a nob and accidentaly wrote over it. i’ve re-wrote it now, though.

in this case helps the Queue (EX9.Texture) node, if you set the insert pin to 0 the last frame stays in the queue.

easy! thanks very much. didn’t know of that node.

or what about setting VideoIns own “Enabled” pin to 0?