Pathline (vf3d) stay in place?

how can a noise field be sampled over the same n points instead of advancing by stepsize ?

ok i see its more complicated btw stream- streak- path- time-lines,
what im after is the grass in wind analogy, not sure which one of the above makes a case for it

Not sure that you want any of the Field Line nodes (streak, stream, path). From your description sounds more like a job for FieldSample

tried the fieldsample but result is pure “wind”, looks like im missing an operation, i need to multiply the “wind” field to the “grass” buffer ? (sorry for vulgar analogy )

Right idea, I would think you’d rather want to add them though…
Try SimpleOperation from noodles and you can see what both do.

@ggml And? Did that work for you?

windgrass.v4p (47.2 KB)
seems so, adding the field and using inputmorph to keep the lines clamped to ground

is the pathline only computable step-by-step ?

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