"Patching" spreads

Ive just been learning how vvvv works with DMX and was wondering if it is possible to “patch” values in a spread to a different spread location. Just like patching a conventional lighting desk.

For example, i want to move the values in spread location 9,10,11 into location 20,21,22 and fill the gaps with empty spreads.

Is this possible?

Is this possible?

What do you think?? ;)

There are a few ways to do this, a Getslice/Setslice combination is foolproof and should work always.

SetSlice.v4p (10.2 kB)

you can patch it in vvvv pretty much similar as it has been patched in the old days by having two stallones - one with many outputs, one with many inputs.

In the old days! I just did this at work today patching some audio, lol.

This is great, I never thought of using stallones! Top tip!

Been using the way West sugested today it it also works beautifully! Got a bit carried away and made the theater lighting rig, “audio Reactive” Nice!

Thanks Guys! ;-)

Or you might like this modules I made: Its treating spreads like multidimensional arrays. So, you are not limited to once setted up connectings for shifting values like using stallones.