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I think I need some help here.

I need to fade a value from and to nil.

explaination :

I have a spread.
This spread doesn’t always have the same nmbr of slices in it.

When a slice appears, I need the value of this slice not just to appear but to fade to the new slice value.

More difficult : When a slice dissepears, I need the corresponding value to fade to 0 before it does.

Here is a patch explaining my problem.

Thank you vvvveeeerrryyyyyy much !!!


needhelp.v4p (15.3 kB)

first of all you need a way of defining what is a consistent slice.

if on the input you have 10 slices and then you have 9, how is the patch to know which slice disappeared?
All the patch knows is what 10 slices you had before and which 9 slices you had afterwards.

So the first thing to do is identify which slice disappeared, this can be done manually by inputting the slice index to the patch, or using some statistics (which would be much more complicated / less reliable).

Once you’ve identified which slice disappeared, you can use InsertSlice node to reinsert the missing slice at the correct index, and have a damper, switch, etc on the input to insertslice.

If i get a min i’ll delve into vvvv and have a crack at it.

Mhhh thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I’m not so goot yet in programming and I tryed but was not successful in identifying slice disappearing.

How do you do that ?

Maybe I need a “unique id” thing like in the contour node ?

i’m pretty certain this can be done with just a handful of nodes; but the best i could come up with was a bloated particle system. this is probably the didactic worst case: (6.0 kB)

Thank you very much diki for your answer.

I did not get your patch to work (“append” is ok but nothing happens when “fade” activated).

In fact (sorry I havent told before) my input is a “contour” node. Maybe it would help you to help me to know that.

Example : I “just” need to fadein a quad where an occurence (a contour) is detected and fade it out the contour is not here anymore. (same as the colored quads in the contour help patch but with fade in and out)

I really hope it is possible.
Thank you for trying !

Any Idea ?

Hi guys.

I got my answer thanks to elektromeyer.

It is a workaround but it works !

I attached the module.

I got it working well feel free to ask.

Thank you to everyone who helped me on this.

ContourBuffer (Freeframe DShow9 ).v4p (19.3 kB)