Patching Logi Problem Line + Color

hi vvvvpeople,

i have a small logic problem, maybe someone can help me out or point me in the right direction.

i attached a patch with some lines following a sphere. now i want to give those lines a colortransition but as you can see the transition is kind of random on every line, or maybe not random it looks like a bin size problem ???
i tried for some hours now to fix that, but have no idea where to start.


280212kugeln+line.v4p (35.7 kB)

Like this? Because I think I don’t understand exactly what you want to achieve, as I found no color transition, just immobile (in colors) black\dark grey lines.


280212kugeln+line_mod.v4p (36.7 kB)

mhh no :) but thx for the effort. sorry it wasnt clear enough, i want to achive that every line has the same color looks,now it is somehow shifted on every line.
i dont want those shifts :)

280212kugeln+line_mod2.v4p (34.4 kB)

And don’t you get it linking an LFO to LinearSpread Phase in the last patch you posted?

ok i will try that. thank you

Always funny to wrap your head around spreads.

I allowed myself a little different approach, is this what you wanted to do?

280212kugeln+line-3.v4p (31.3 kB)

oh and I can recommend setting Depthbuffer and antialiasing to somthing other than none

Sorry, maybe you want to achieve a “tail” from white to black (or vice versa). Then I got this setting spreadcount to 9, then setting to negative\positive value the width it’s possible to b\w <-> w\b the “tail”.