This might be a very simple question, but I am quite new in vvvv.

How do you get vvvv for play different patches after eachother?

Say I have two patches and I want one to play for 5 minutes and then it should change automatically to another patch.

I hope someone can help :)


Hi Kaylee welcome, you question its simple, but to give you an answer you need to understand vvvv basics

and i attach the answer to you question. Select each node one by one and press F1 to know what the node is doing.

and here is you homework :)
tutorial introduction

aaaa.v4p (17.7 kB)

Hi again,

Oh I know all that :) I know how to make loads stuff in vvvv, I am just not sure how to combine two patches. So I quess it is switch :)
Thank you :)

The Timeliner (Animation)node might be good for this.

also svvvvitcher might be interesting for you.