Patches out of screen?

Hello all,

i stumbled several times over the same problem that might have something to do with the description in the v4ps.

ok, the problem:
once i created a patch with several subpatches distributed all over the screen - on my main display AND on a second display.
now i reopened that old patch, but i have either no external display or another display arrangement in the windows settings. so, some of those patches don’t appear, when opening them via rightclick - probably because they are located outside of the display.

so i looked into the v4p/xml and discovered, that the location and scale of those patches is saved there in the . a (manually) repair failed, because of the strange units used there.

how can these units be converted to pixels?

another problem, that might be related to this one is, that one (huge) patch draws a bluescreen on opening if the display arrangement differs from the arrangement i used when i created this patch.

any ideas???


hmm, maybe the coordinates are in twips?
(just guessing here…)

bingo. it is twips.

aha - nice to know. now there can be a workaround for these unreachable patches.

but, does anybody experience the same problems?

known problem.
till you are able to plug in the 2nd screen im always use the alt+2 - mode at the root-window. sometimes 4 layers of alt2-mode-subpatches.

there should be a move shortcut.

or any other tips? shortcuts i dont know? tricks?

ahh sebl - i found a way to place a subpatch to any position.
sometimes its so easy , i forgot the windows-nodes…

use windowlist(windows) to HWND(windows) to window(window)

aaah - i thought about (automatic) editing of the v4p files, but this way is much smoother. thanks alex

however, this does not solve the second issue.

renderers that have been saved with fullscreen mode tend to make bluescreens, if they are at an invalid position.

my workaround so far has been to search for “Renderer” in the v4p and replace “Fullscreen” with “InAWindow”. Sadly, this is not always possible, especially if the Fullscreen mode is activated automatically with the input-pin.

Would it be possible to stop Renderers going Fullscreen, if they are at an invalid position (or even reposition them automatically to the main monitor)?

actually windows saved outside of the current desktop bounds should open within sight. and that works for me, i just rechecked. i could think of one problem though…when you detach a monitor and windows doesn’t recognize this and still has a virtual desktop larger than what you see.

on win7 i didn’t have that problem connecting/disconnecting an external monitor adapted to correct driver settings.

so if it doesn’t work for you please check the driver settings before opening vvvv or tell me a way to reproduce the wrong behavior.

strange behaviour…
i had the not appearing patch this morning when starting a patch, bootet withouth the usually connected 2nd monitor. it wasn’t located at the border of the main screen as expected. there was no attached monitor in the driver.
now, trying to reproduce it with a second monitor connected and disconnected in the meantime, the error doesn’t occur anymore. also when booting with the monitor disconnected.

the machine on which it happened (same which is not able to reproduce it) runs windows 7 professional and a geforce 8600m gs.

When patches are off screen, I almost always use the help patch for Window (Windows) to get a list of vvvv windows and drag them onto the visible screen.