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Hi there,

I’m a newbie here. Recently I got a project which i would really like to realize it in vvvv in cooperation with pd. There’re few things I want to do but right now (after finished the tutorials), I have no idea how to start yet, hope someone could give me some hints here, thanks

  1. Creating objects that move around the screen/renderer
    I know that there’s a tutorial on pixel shader, but I just want to create some simple geometric shapes which will move around with different speed within the renderer. For example I would like to create a rectangle that would bounce back and forth on the screen area and when it hits another object within the screen.

  2. Sending information back and forth with pd.
    some sound recording will be processed by pd, and the playback of the sound is based on part 1, the collisions and positions of the shapes in the screen/renderer. I’ve read quite a few posts here concerning the audio file playback in vvvv is not reallyy sophisticated, so i’m thinking to send a string back to pd for playing back certain file, best with specific part of a sound file.

My question is, how can I realize all those? Which specific patches is most useful? Could all these be realize in vvvv? Please give me some light, thank you so much!

For simple rectangluar shapes, or circles, you can better use the Renderer (GDI)

You can connect stuff like Line, Circle, Roundrect or Text to it.

Look at all the helppatches, and to the examples that are placed in Girlpower.
(like PaternPong)

I don’t know anything about PD, sorry. (VVVV’s old sister??)

download pd at

OSC would be the way to go to communicate between PD and VVVV.

this thread might help pd & vvvv or that thread about pds other brother: max & vvvv

the GDI renderer has a number of terrible drawbacks. notably its performance. Better to place textures of shapes on quads!
Have you read the basic tutorials HowTo Dx Rendering about creating a spread of quads?
Interacting shapes are always a little tricky. There is the ODE (Open dynamics Engine) group of functions which simulate pysically correct behavior of three-dimensional objects. Very powerful, but its completeness costs very much processing power.
For an ad-hoc solution of similar bouncing behavior in 2D, check out the Patternpong example in the Girlpower folder.

concerning the communication with pd. have a look at this thread:

i posted a sample patch there.