Patchalias(vvvv Name)?

seems not to work or am i using it wrong?

the connected getpatch doesn’t give me the xml content of beispiel_patch.v4p

what i want is accessing the xml without having the patch in question open or implemented as a subpatch. i thought patchAlias(name) can do as i want…

its not doing anything, even if the patch is part of the main patch. (3.4 kB)

Can’t you just use Reader (File) for that?

mmm, not really…the xml looks different, not valid caused by the header.

hello devs, whats wrong with patchalias(vvvv Name), it looks useless to me right now.

works with an absolute path

not if patch is not subpatch…as we found out.

fixed the problem with relative paths for beta>23. but still PatchAlias (VVVV Name) only workes for opened patches. for others you can use the Reader (File) but have to possibly correct the header pointing to a not available .dtd file (if you need to check the xml for validity).