Patch working on B26, doesn't work on Alpha 26.1

Hi Guys,

i can´t attach the patch i´m using, too big, sorry.

Actually it was tricky to run it on B26 without problems (i think related to the famous second screen issue), but in Alpha 26.1 i have some errors (attached) starting the patch and it is unusable.

I´m using a Video in (disconnected at start) + Send Texture node -> tracking chain, some particles on gpu (disabled at start), and 5 or 6 render passes in order to send data textures between the particles patches through s/r.

Texture feedbacks only in the Particles on GPU patches through queue texture.

i hope it can helps.


vvvv 45alpha26.1 - 0ee30409b2 16/12/2011 23:52 (17.3 kB)

hei lasal, thanks for the report, but like this we cannot do anything about it.

it would help us if you could strip your patch down to a minimum that still shows that error. so please do:

  • open patch…shows errors and is unusable
  • remove some parts you consider harmless and save the patch under a different name
  • open patch…does it show the same errors? go back to 2., does it not show any errors? send us the last patch that showed the error

see? using this iterative approach you should be able to simplify your patch quickly and still have it show the error. if we can reproduce the error we can most likely fix it, else i don’t see much we can do as the error message is quite generic…

Hi Joreg,

yes it was a little superficial, i have to spend some time cleaning up the patch…
maybe i can find the error by myself, for the moment i can use it but it i have less performance than in the b26 (around 5-10 fps)

thanks for your tips, i hope you will not regret to open this Alpha forum instead to use only the IRC.


sounds rather odd as we see a general speed improvement with a26.1. so it would really be interesting to track down that problem.

and to the contrary, we’re already very happy that we finally have you as active an alpha-tester. keep up digging for them buggers!