Patch Windows spontaneously change order and jump to front

Anyone seen this, I though it was something I was doing, maybe related to my pc specifically, but I client has just told me it happened to them, I’ve only seen it while patching, but presumably they weren’t.
I’ve had it while connecting nodes, I have a patch to the front, I have a connection being made, and suddenly the open patches reorder, and I’m left with that awkward situation of not being able to do anything till I find the right patch so I can connect or cancel my link. I’m presuming that he saw it while using the dx ui, with the patch windows jumping to the front, the patch is still being developed, hence it not being shut up.
Any thoughts or comments?

jep, seen this. not sure if i saw it in 8 yet. was it only with aero on?

This is in win7, and yes aero is on. I’m kind of glad its been observed as when it first happened, it was one of those, what happened then, confused moments!

so please report back if you see it still happening with aero off.