Patch will not quit after deleting finally

Hi Devvvvs

I have noticed that if Finally (VVVV) is deleted from a patch I can not quit the patch, not using alt + F4 or quit from the menu. Even when it had previously permanently set to 1


hm, cannot confirm.

  • i start vvvv
  • create a Finally (VVVV)
  • delete the node
  • press ALT+F4
  • vvvv quits as expected

how are you exactly doing it?

not quite that order

  • start vvvv
  • create Finally (VVVV)
  • Create an IObox from the intput of Finally (VVVV)(I use middleclick to create it)
  • Click the IObox
  • Delete Finally (VVVV)
  • I can not quit VVVV now, not from the middle click menu or alt+F4 I actually tried recreating Finally (VVVV) and that did not work either. I used task manager to kill VVVV


if I create Finally (VVVV) and do not manipulate the input I can quit after deleting it

aight, that was to fix. thanks. seems you were the first ever to use this node that was originally introduced for the use in bildschirmgymnastik.

I am proud to follow up on such an epic piece :)

and can it be that Bildschirmgymnastik is not working on win7 64bit? I’d like to see it.

just tested and am glad to see it still works. more beautiful with aero turned off…