Patch Switcher not working in beta24.1?

I’ve been using catweasel’s Patch Switcher in one of my projects but it doesn’t seem to work in the latest beta, neither in my project or fresh from catweasel’s patches page.

Possible relation to “no new ids are generated when simply loading a patch” from changelog?

plugs naming changed from plug.dll to stright plug, so check if it uses some plugs inside… I still can’t switch to 24 because of that… Have to update all modules and patches, and there is alot more fun to do :]

might be somewone will do the script for that.

also, i seem to have observed that switching patches via get/setpatch (own patch definitely inspired by cat’s patch switcher) now pops up a “do you want to save” dialog for the patch which gets replaced. very annoying. maybe this is connected? this hasn’t happened in b23 afaik.
unfortunately it happened when i didn’t have time to diagnose the problem properly/in detail.

antokhio: since even the simple example from cat won’t work it can’t be that, thanks for the warning though.

bilderbuchi: sounds like something related to “query save”