Patch Save Error, with message this time!

But there is nothing in the clipboard to paste as a debug message…
At least I saw the popup for the first time!

nothing in the clipboard? hm… did you take a screenshot?

The message didn’t have any more info than the Ooops something went wrong we’ve copied the message to the clip board, but when I pasted nothing was there. First time I’ve seen the message, despite seeing the temp files several times a day.

weird. so next time please make a screenshot, this might still help us. also please always specify exactly which version you’re using when this happens!

35.8, the only thing to screen shot was your error warning that had no more info than something had gone wrong, the post was just a heads up that what ever case your using to find the bug needs some more refinement, as this is the first pop up I’ve seen, but that it didnt catch the error. So there are more scenarios where this occurs and the popup doesnt happen, and when it does scenarios where the error message isnt caught either. Maybe the message should have any info in a box below like the excpetions dialog?

still a screenshot of this would potentially help us identify where this comes from. because this whole thing is a rather freak-error that is supposed to be catched in so many places already and apparently still not the right one. latest alphas have a once more refined routine for hopefully catching the problem. so please, if nothing in the clipboard, at least screenshot!

Could not rename temp-file to actual filename. Is it open in another program?: D:\Dropbox\Projects\Kontrol_Everything\Kontrol_Everything\Subs\ProcessAndSplitKontrols2~temp1.v4p → D:\Dropbox\Projects\Kontrol_Everything\Kontrol_Everything\Subs\ProcessAndSplitKontrols2.v4p

OK, so this looks like it gets to the issue, I use Dropbox to keep all my data backed up (I had a project where a drive died mid project, and cost me quite a lot of time) although unless I’m double saving before it gets uploaded and unlocked by dropbox, there shouldn’t be an issue should there? But this could definitely be the reason only some of us see this issue.

ouright, dropbox, that was the missing piece of information here. another app locking our files while we’re using them… ouright, so we changed the way saving is handles and this should now no longer happen. let’s see. please test and report with latest alpha!

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