Patch Poetry

Hello, this question is a little meta:
For my thesis on code and its impact on culture I am currently hunting “Code Poetry”.
I was wondering if any of you would like to share with me

  • a screenshot of an aesthetically pleasing vvvv patch
  • a patch that became some sort of “poem” (e.g. the nodes-names rhyme, the nodes are arranged in a way to make something more than just a functional structure, the node-names suggest a second reading,…)
  • a patch as a thought experiment rather than a functioning program (e.g. proving the existence of god by regular expressions or spreads - or something more humble)

I’m super curious!
Many thanks to you in advance!

Hi there,
Love the idea!
I quickly went through my screenshots and I found one little patch that is talking to each other in vvvv.js.

And second is a captured moment in time of a sleep debriefed vvvv dev.


Maybe this qualifies if someone can find the link to the actual patch?

I don’t remember if it was available as a contribution or in vvvvorums or vvvvwhat

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Great idea! I’m also interested in the personal note, the patcher’s calligraphy so to say.
When working freelance I had to continue this project:


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What I dream at night by @kalle ca. 2006?


Didn’t someone do a little project last year that would paraphrase an initial sentence and do that over and over again on its own output?
Can’t remember who it was, and it’s not exactly code itself that’s the poetry here - but somehow related.

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