Patch optimization techniques

What do you want to learn in this workshop?
You’ve overclocked your i7-6700K and disabled hyperthreading, separated the patch into four different cores, wrote dozen of custom plugins and shader, you are debugging the timing half of the time, still your patch does not run 90fps. What are the basic and advanced steps? How does VL address this issues? Which DX11 pro techniques are there to help?

Do you want the workshop to focus more on technical aspects/skills or on creative experiments and output?
The workshop would extend the ideas mentioned in more technically and with some hands on experiences.

How long do you want the workshop to be?
3h should be eyeopening already

Do you have an idea who you want to host the workshop?
Someone from core devs, Sebastian Oschatz


I just did that :)

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Would definitely attend this one :)

here we go: