Patch Mixer


with this patch its possible to mix layers of patches using enos real switch. as it is a frequently asked question, i will upload that to my patches page. but before i like to know what you think about it? what is missing? do you prefere to have the renderer inside the patch?

test it: (20.7 kB)

Looks like something most of us could use :)

Just one small thing, is it me, or is there something wrong with the “blend”. The Rolercoaster looks weird, but when I connect a renderer direct to the patch, it looks good.

Looks very handy, maybe it should have Mt’s blend mode shader in there just for good messure!

yes, mixing the ouput of the renderers seems to be better, so that you see exactly what you created, and the only thing you have to do to include a pacth is to create an IOBox(Node) and name it.

great idea with the blend shader, catweasel.

second version in some minutes…

mixing the renderer output is way better concept. but the blend shader has a problem, you cannot crossfade two sources. i have to rewrite it, takes some time…

… and here the second version: (22.6 kB)