Patch empty after reload


Well i have been worked on a patch all day long to an architectural project. Basically i’ve made an xfile that changed in different colors, and depends on a video input.

But after a restart, my patch is mysteriously empty. When i open the xml file in the xml editor i can see all datas.

Any advice?

bench6.v4p (33.4 kB)


when creating a Renderer (TTY) before opening your patch you see an error message: invalid character on line 560…

now you can simply use a text editor to open the .v4p file and fix that character. see?

attached is a fixed version of your file.

bench6-fixed.v4p (33.4 kB)

…and if you use XMLmarker instead of notepad: it may help you pointing out the errorous line within the .v4p-file.

by default i tend to install XMLmarker on every computer running vvvv.
for a good reason.