Patch broken on Load (152 Bytes)

I just started a project I’m working (after having successfully exported it that last time I opened it) and get the attached on loading, whether the editor is stopped or running on opening it. I guess it relates to the vl document, so have included a screen shot of line 2654 as well which seems to be where it says it is broken. Any ideas what this is? (I’m going to try some backups now…)

The pre-export backup is functional… (I’m running 6.0 -273)

The txt file is empty…

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Oops! How ever I have realised I had just linked a library from another project, that it seems hadnt fully dowloaded from dropbox, and that was truncated at the same line number. Its just the error message didnt specify the document the error was in I beleive! So solved now!