Paste at mouse OR Paste in center

Just had a suggestion for pasting:

I am consistently annoyed by having to fish around my patch for the stuff I paste into it, I think having a “paste at mouse” or “paste in center” feature would alleviate that annoyance. Basically these would either paste at the mouse pointer position to give you really precise palcement of where you want to paste, or it would paste in the center of the current view. I suggest ctrl+shift+v for paste at mouse, and ctrl+shift+c for paste in center, or something along those lines.

I use this tip a lot:

and the way the copy/paste currently works can sometimes render it useless if you have to traverse the patch to find the component you need after you paste it.

Yes, I am also annoyed by this, and with me lots off other users I meet on MSN/Skype/Real life.

So, ehh… second vote for this wish!!

Yeah, I would appreciate this too!