Passing Textures in and out of plugins

How can I do that?

I tried


and the pin seems to be named _nearly_correctly - (Supports: Texture…) instead of (Supports: Texture) -, but can’t be connected to anything that needs a Texture (quad etc.). The Template (Texture) just shows how to generate one, not how to pass it through.

(This would be for writing something similar to Queue (Texture) or S+H (Texture))

texture input for plugins is only possible with vuxens dx11. so check some of his sources here:

we only support texture output pins for plugins, no texture inputs. sorry. they’re available in dx11 though. in dx9 you can create a texture output with

ISpread<DXResource<Texture, TMetadata>>

if i remember correctly the concept should be similiar in dx11.

Ok, thanks.

Workaround for stuff that doesn’t need to be fast: AsRaw (Texture) and Dynamic Texture (Raw).