ParticlesGPU Lib Shader Problem

Hello everyone,
As a preparation for my bachelor project i want to visualize large scale genomic data using the idea of Textures as Containers for the Genome Data (contribution:particlesgpu-shader-library).
Therefore i parsed the gene start and end positions of the human chromosome 1 from a GeneBank file into a simple textfile which can be easily transformed in a DataTexture. In this Texture every Uneven Pixel contains the start Positon of a Gene and every even Pixel the end position (In its 32bit float red channel).

Now i want to set up a Shader which -to start it simple- generates a particle at a specific x-position in relation to its coresponding pixel red channel value in the DataTexture.

So far it seems that i get more trouble with hlsl then i thought in the first place. So any help would be very appreciated. I think i just need a little push in the right direction to know where to beginn with the shader.

I attached the files i’ve so far in case you want to mess around with the data.

regards :)

GenomeDataTexture.rar (24.2 kB)