Particles unpluged

hi. im trying out vvvv for the first time. and i have this problem of replacing the red node.

when i drag the new path for the red node it doesn’t replace the red node. instead it just write “open:…”

it looks like your vvvv installation is damaged. pleas download it again and extract it with 7-zip to a non system directory and place the addonpack folder inside the vvvv folder.

thank you so much for the fast reply. :)
you sure its the installation? because i tried on other stuff. works like a charm.

it seems the problem occurs only with kinect lib.
for example there are no simpleopenNIkinect.dll. (or maybe im something wrong)

and it only occurs with DX11 packs.

maybe the patch was created with an older version? read this page, i hope its up to date: kinect