Particles in 3d velocity field using dynamic field texture

hello to all vvvv enthusiasts,

as i started with dottore´s gpu libary i had problems to understand the patches (i am not an academic…) - but as i read: - things became clearer. I also used “Multiple Forcefield Poles” example. Result you can see here: “particles in velocity field [vectors + dynamic field texture](vectors + dynamic field texture) - a vvvv study”
Before i was experimentating with different spreads for the attractor(value) to get concrete forms - using a linearspred instead of randomspread produced cubes -> “dark journey in the field of force - a vvvv particles visual”

  • using a circularspread for getting flowery forms for example was up to now not really satisfying - i had problems to find stabile ring - forms. But now my BIG question: in my example you can see the dynamic field texture and i hope i am understanding the sense of these texture: is it possible to edit the field texture to create special forms and HOW (in a 3d field)??? Are there other attractors i can use?