Particles GPU on second screen


Anyone else getting catastrophic access violation errors using any gpu particles patches on a second screen?

‘3d field texture’ and ‘pos cycle’ both pretty much die when moving the renderer onto the other head and do not recover when returning the renderer back to the primary screen. The error is severe enough that vvvv basically shuts down and needs to be killed.

i found moving the renderer to a second screen does this too. But i just saved patch, reloaded and it happy on second screen.

Yes, the same as here:

Another solution is Win xp span mode…

@ XD - Have you tried that successfully with the 3D Dynamic Field Texture one?

I just tried and it didn’t work :(

Try moving all the renderers, even the hidden ones, to the second screen, that should do it, I’ve done that with fields 2d successfully…

catweasel’s suggestion is the way to go. also duplicated

Still no joy for me with £d field texture and most of the other.

3D sprites is ok

it’s probably the queue ex9 node failing in your case. did you try in beta 25.1?

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i was just asking, because since beta 25.1 the failing is recoverable. (at least on my system) so if i put all renderers on one screen (even hidden ones) like catweasel suggested the queue resumes working. (i had to restart vvvv in prior versions to get it going again)
still seems queue ex9 has some serious issues…

how do you put a hidden render on another screen?

unhide (right click renderer node), move, hide (ALT+3).

Incredibly enough the GPU Particles work perfectly in mutiscreen setups on Windows 7

Bring back span mode then we’re done!

unfortunately not gonna happen.

(it’s a windows issue, not a vvvv one)