Particles 3d


i would like to know a way to fill a generic volume like a box with particles


i think you should try to understand the tutorials here: particlesgpu-library-guide and the help files in the library.
that will help you to build different particle scenarios.

Hi if you dont need real time, that s easily done with Blender… if you get somewhere with vvvv let me know… :)

hi…i have make this with the particles…i have used blender for other work but i think that vvvv is more complicated to use the particles but it is more fast and so better of blender.

hower i link below the patch than i have started, if you wnat improved it or give me your impression…


Nuova cartella.rar (128.2 kB)

Hi Ciso, maybe I was not clear enough with my post, the GPU Particle library is fine to fill up a volume with particles when the object is somewhat regular, but I couldn t use it to fill up an “irregular” volume, for example the letter R as a solid.
In that case I am still using Blender to get the particles position then I import it in vvvv. No real time though.