Particles (2d Field) grid size

Hi All and I guess vux the most

I am trying to use particles (2d Field) it seems like a clever particle plugin but I would like to use it with a non square field. Meaning my grid is not rectangular.

so I set grid XY to 30,4 but it seems that the particles are not being affected by the field. I have replicated the settings from the help patch (which by the way has broken links in beta23) except for the grid size.

what is the size of the grid? is it always rectangular with potentially non rectangular “sub fields” or are the fields themselves always rectangular?

hopefully this is like so often before just me realizing what I have forgotten briefly after I have posted to the forum.


Unfortunately no immediate solution has come to mind straight after posting.

I have however made this little patch to illustrate haow I intend on working with particle (2d Field). I basically would like to use attractors to modify the field to get the particles to move to the selected fields.

I have made the patch as I figured it should be made, but the particles are not behaving as I had expected.

see attached patch.


particles_2d_test_01.v4p (24.2 kB)

It seems like I am getting closer, I just still don’t completely understand the behavior.

now an updated version with the coordinates of the vector field is also written on screen.


particles_2d_test_02.v4p (34.6 kB)

Hey sunep:

Grid size is the number of cells. You can have a grid XY to 30/4, should not be a problem.

Incoming coordinates are always -1 to 1 (for the moment), so you need to map those (position and field).

To make sure you can see the simulation properly, leave velocity deviation to 0, so particles should only react to the cells they are in.

If you need more help let me know.

Apparently I had flipped the Y axis of the output from the particle plugin.

particles_2d_test_03.v4p (41.9 kB)