Particle Emitter in Stride (21.8 KB)

I’ve been trying to get a particle emitter running in stride, and I am obviously doing something stupid. I have tried to copy it over from dx11, it seems to set all the particles to the emitters positions rather than just the ones I want to update, or just the emited ones, and the other reset to 0.
I’ve hacked around and got no further, anyone have a pointer for me?

had a look at it and the main issue was the counts and indices. the compute shader was running for every particle (>10k), but it only needs to run for each particle that should be modified (~180). since the exact emit count might not be divisible by thread groups of 64, it has to be checked in the shader.

then in the shader there are 3 counts and indices (particle count, emit count, and emitter count), i gave them proper names so it is clear what is what: (22.0 KB)

That explains it, Thank you!

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