Particle Dynamics + Object Recognition and Motion Tracking

Dear Users, I would like if you could introduce me to the main nodes that can help to build the following scenario:

. Detection of an object (like a red ball) through a webcam
. Build something like dots or spheres that are similar to fireflies that moves randomly following a circular pathway
. Make that fireflies to follow my detected object

. From my experience, I was able so far managed to detect an object with COLORTRACKER

. I can make some basic dynamic particles but didn´t manage to reach the fireflies like particles

And I cannot find any project or tutorial that can help or show me the pathway to put all the pieces together.

I would be extremely thankful for your advice and for any tutorial you can share with me.

few screenshots of what you ended up with would be good
and might be a patch, since in modern cg glow is what turning particles in to fireflies