Particle - constant speed mouse follow

I’m using the Particle node to create particles that emit from my mouse position. I want the particles to move in the opposite direction of my mouse, but I’m having a problem keeping the speed of the particles constant.

Please take a look at my patch - any suggestions are appreciated.


particle_speed_problem_01.v4p (19.3 kB)

naturally the vector gets greater when moving to the sides, so you just need the FrameDifference node to get the mouse movement vector (not the mouse position).

particle_speed_problem_02.v4p (18.7 kB)

Ah! thanks tonfilm!

It works great now!

I’ve never used the framedifference node before. I’ll study it some more to understand why it works.

great job on the particle plugin ( you wrote it right?)

great job guys,
i wanted to do something like that, or, exactly i didn’t understand anything about particles.