Particle collision

I would like to know whether to realize with a system of particles, an effect of collisions similar to this:

I attach the patch that I have succeeded in realizing.

particle.v4p (20.9 kB)

what you need is a physics engine. vvvv makes use of the Open Dynamics Engine
have a look into the ODE nodes, but be careful:
the ODE is somewhat buggy.
safe often!
vvvv might crash.

our genious mate@tonfilm made some handy modules: tonfilm-ODEGeosAndTransform
it seems that he didn’t find the time to port those patches to beta>=9.
that means you have to add some Group (EX9) nodes to the helpfiles and/or link the objects and the renderer within the helpfiles on your own.
sometimes links inside the modules are missing.

good luck!

if you have a simple setup like this (means circles or spheres) look at my patches page for the particles patch. you just have to modify the force function to suit your needs (high anti gravity when the particles are close together). ODE is needed, if you want to have realistic collisions of different shapes…

thanks thousand for the explanations.
I am trying these ODE nodes but they are very complicated.
however following the helps and the patch particles of tonfilm and I will see to do something.

HI all nice job Paolopix i,m sure you,ll be Successful getting what you want , let me know when you do please .

seeing your project a few things came to my mind , would it be posible to get for the pixel collision a full image ,let,s say a texture or a video of a cake that get into pieces when you aproach to it , something like a multiplexor that breaks out , instead of multiple textures of the same cake ?

cheers , just imagining ;D

thanks to all for the answers.
I would still have a question.
I have realized through sphere (ODE) of the spheres that collides between them.
how can I do so that something moved by the mouse collides to these spheres?
thanks still.

for that, you’ll need a static ODE object connected to the mouse coordinates…

I have sent the coordinates of the mouse to a sphere and now moving the sphere I interact with the others.

but it makes her move in all the directions XYZ.
can I bind some objects she Hears to stir only in you for instance determine directions XY and not Z?

I answer alone me
I have resolved how to stop only the movements to determined aces
I have used the blocks vector (3d splits) and vector (3d join)