Part of OBJ File won't show

I am starting to pull my hair out over this .obj file that won’t show all its contents in vvvv. There are 5 Meshes in the obj, 2 low poly humans, a box and 2 polygons. I am exporting the geometry from Rhino.

No matter what I do, I always just see the box and polygons, but not the people. I open the obj in any other software it shows up perfectly fine. I am not filtering out any geometry, but the 5 meshes go straight to a constant shader. I have tried equalising normals, rebuilding the meshes, etc, but they simply refuse to show up but everything else shows fine.

Can anybody think of a reason why the mesh wouldn’t show? Thanks! (38.8 KB)

the people have no uvs. check the technique pin and select no texture to show them

Also, using SceneExplorer can show some useful information on why things won’t show up :


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@tgd and @sebescudie thanks for both your answers, I will try out both.

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