Parsing midi files

How to best parse a .mid file into relevant parts/messages and store inside vvvv? So far I’ve been playing back the file to virtual midi device and receiving with midi note but it isn’t flexible enough.

Can regexp be enough? What other good ways are the to deal with binary files inside vvvv or am I better off learning how to write a plugin?

Ok, I just noticed I must go look into the timeliner as it seems to have some kind of midi support…

jep. timeliner is using the fabulous MIDIToolkit library. it would be trivial to use it to create a midi-parser node.

beta>35 ships with MidiFile (Midi) and MidiTrack (Midi). The former takes a .mid file and the latter (when connected to the former) returns spreads of Channel, Note, Velocity, Start Time, End Time and some meta-info texts for each channel.

available in latest alphas now.
please start a new forum topic if it troubles you.

side note: this is a native VL implementation (ie. not using an external library) and can thus easily be extended if need be.