Paranoia Patch

We talked about it on node.

What if someone creates a patch that starts to rewrite every file on your system it can with an empty string?

How can I protect myself against this threat (that I am creating propably right now)?


Don’t give vvvv admin rights (so it can’t delete system files), or create a new user for it with write rights only on a certain folder structure (which is what Android does for every application). Or run vvvv inside a virtual machine, so it can only destroy that one.

It’s the same with every software you run on your computer - it can potentially do everything you allow it to do :)

For once I mumble… please do NOT share this patch… ;)

better do a ddos hehe

okey thanks.

so we can line this out: vvvv is potencialy extremly dangerous.


vvvv is potencialy extremly dangerous

but no more dangerous than IE6 has been.

I just ran crack.exe and I think I’ve been infected

reminds me of this

download is here

let joreg mess with your desktop…

btw. vvvv was able to compile patches to exe ? :)

heh, indeed and this was the only executable that was ever created…cheesus