ParametricEQ use

do someone has a patch to explain well the use of the ParametricEQ (DShow9) node?


hi esnho,

personally never used it, but its intend is to boost or cut certain frequencies in an audio signal. you could put it for example before the FFT4Channels to emphasize or attenuate specific elements in the audio.

the Gain sets the boost or cut, the Center Frequency is where in the spectrum you want to boost/cut and the Bandwidth is how many frequencies you want to influence around the center frequency.

the following frequency values are only an estimate:

bass: 20-200 Hz, e.g. bass guitar, bass drum
mids: 200-2000 Hz, e.g. instruments, voice
highs: 2000-20000 Hz, e.g. hi-hat, cymbals

but in practice its a bit more complicated than that, because most sounds contain a broader spectrum of frequencies…

Ok, I got some audio knowledge, I was wondering it seem that is impossible to spreads parameters, I would like to use it as Low-High-Band Pass Filter, so I can get the waveshape of those three “elements”. Is hard to understand how the bandwidth parameter works without a visual feedback, do someone know how to setup it in a good way?