Parallelepiped + cross product

hi folks i am suffering from a mathematical blackout. went over the manuals, but currently i don´t get it.
please see the different versions of the z calculation in my patch. there is similarities in the results, but they are not the same. my calculation of the normals is wrong…

thanx for the help!

Epiped.v4p (10.0 kB)


there’re two ‘mistakes’ as far as i’m able to tell.
the usage of vector 3d split doesn’t output a complete 3d vector per pin but the axis separated. so you are crossing the x axis of the first 3 vectors with the y axis of the 3.
(maybe it’s a trick i don’t know)
i only know the way of crossing tangent and binormals for the normalvector. or in case of using sinus and cosinus functions flipping around with them.

forgive my sparse mathematical knowledge…

hey woei, thanx for da reply. vec3 split is no good. i think, i will try it with the math fuctions step by step.

alles gutiguti or the usual stress? time for a drink?