Parallax error

hello , i came across with this problem while doing some tracking , anyone knows a way to fix it ? attached a simulation of the problem , the only way i thought it can be solve so far is by doing a very tedious job with inputmorph .

parallax_error.v4p (10.6 kB)

Can’t you just /2 ?

hi catweasel , the above is a simulation is not that easy in real ,
as what the camera sees does not match exacly with the size and position of the track objects

Do you just need to calibrate, is it table tracking or person? If its table then you should be able to set a multilplier, if its people you’d need to work out their distance to set the multiplier, or am I missing the point again?

not sure how to explain , they are persons so the problem is that what should be projected on them is not all the time on them because of this problem , the more you go to the edges the farther it is from the desired point , what you mean by multiplier ?

parallax_error2.v4p (13.8 kB)

sorry i forgot to say that the projected staff was deformed so i had to use aspectratio node to solve it , and ended up having an unusual ratio which probably helped to make the above problem even bigger