Panoramic pictures quicktime playback

hello guys ,

is it posible to control and play interactive panoramas in vvvv ? will it be posible to control and play a quicktime with this features in vvvv ?

anyone has found a cool way to do so please ?

i attached some files , i noticed the folder was too big so i upload only a few files for now i also had a problem uploading the post so i have rewritten a shorter message ;(

after 3 times trying to upload and rewriting i decided to upload all files to here

i did the sticihng with Pano2vr

regards ;D happy to be back .

hi colorsound,
i don’t know what kind of interaction you need, but this is a way to do a panorama. Simply put the image (equirectangular) over a sphere, then use a camera with distance=0 (so the camera is in the center of the sphere) and then move the camera. The patch i have attached has a modified camera, so you don’t need to press O key for rotating, but simply press the left mouse button.
hope it helps (1.8 MB)

hey screamer , your patch helped me a lot thank you :D