Pandoras Box anybody? How to get v4 generated data in there

Hello magicians.

Has anybody experience exporting values generated in vvvv to a Pandoras Box sequence? I’m in the (unlucky) situation that things I’ve designed in v4 have to be played back/ performed with PB.

I can write into the PB project XML, but that seems quite a hack.



The xml way is not possible.
Pandoras Server has got a vga input… so you can run vvvv on another machine and just place the video layer live input in the pbox stage…

also remember that pandoras=windows so you can installl vvvv on pbox server

good luck

Hi robe, thanks four your quick answer.

I dont need to bridge video content into PB, but object coordinates and rotations.

I figured how keyframes are stored in the PB XML, and I can alter them and also add new ones in the XML file. But I’m a bit apprehensive of that method on an automated scale, since the referencing in the PB XML is somewhat intransparent and I dont want to mess with the XML integrity …

Ok. The way is to use the ArtNet input feature and mapping table of PB, to send values to the objects in PB, and store the values into a sequence or preset.

At least for the little amount of data I’ve generated.

Sorry to pick up that old post. But I have a question in that one: does anyone has experience with using both softwares together. Would be interested in all kind of experiences. What you did and how you connected both tools.

I working with Pandoras Box most of the time (not a server but a custom PC with 2 player dongle and a separate notebook with a manager). I’m quite happy with it cause it saves me a lot of time and is very powerful and stable. With the widget designer I’m also able to process data and influence the video easily.
The only thing I’m missing from vvvv is to create really generative ‘content’. Now I have a project with arduino and xbee and sensors and I want the sensors to create a rising particle cloud. If a person connected to the wireless sensors rises his arms and creates a cloud of particles that mirrow the movement. It works great in vvvv. To mix it easily with my other content for this dance piece I would like to stream it to Pandora.
But: I don’t have an input card. So any suggestions? Or experiences?
I tried dxtory but it seems unstable a dropped many frames.