Paint and draw in vvvv

I am completely new to vvvv and I am trying to understand if it s the right tool for my purposes.
Basically I would like to be able to create vectorial images, possibly with the cursor/mouse and/or silhouette detection and IR camera.
I d also like to be able to paint objects as commonly done in programs like photoshop or gimp.
To put it in other words I am looking for a set of tools that will let me paint pixel mapped and vectorial images and apply differente effects to them.
Any specific patch I should check out.
I do understand, though, that in any case I could always draw images in gimp/inkscape and import them in vvvv.
Any idea, feedback is of course welcome

as a very first start see the helppatch of Levin (Spreads) .

Thanks for the tip, I ll check it out as soon as I get vvvv installed (I don t have a decent x86 platform at the moment where to test it).

You could also use the clear option on the renderer.
That would stucks the refresh process from the renderer

See you ,