Padding of ImGui windows wrong for odd display scalings

I think this is related to other recent threads about things not being properly positioned for different window settings and scalings.

When I specify a padding for ImGui Windows and ChildWindows, this does not exactly match the mouse position returned from within the ImGui region - but only when the scaling of the display is set to something odd like 125%, 175%. It works perfectly when the display is set to 100%, 150% or 200%.

imgui bug

Padding Mouse New.vl (18.3 KB)

are you saying this is a behavior that recently changed, if so, from which to which version?

I don’t know if this has changed recently. I think the last time I was fiddling around with it I was developing on my laptop which has the display scaling set to 200%. I noticed this now while developing on my desktop which is set to 175%.

Just tested the patch on 5.2., same issue.