Pacman maze

hi all!

is there anyone who has build a vvvv pacman maze and who would like to share that with me?

I want to build a gun-controllable bullet that goes through the maze

I probably could build the maze myself when I put in a few days of figuring-out but hey, why try to do that if there is probably some-one who as already built one!

I and my agenda will be very thankfull!


Not much help but have you checked Google’s homepage today?

I’m not being sarcastic, they’ve got something pretty special up!


hm i’ve missed that one

isnt there anyone who has ever made somthing like that?
or knows how to?



@michel did sth related - see PACMATCH

but for long time i didn’t see him around here.
when you scroll down his userpage you find his email contact

thank you kalle

I send him an email
If anyone comes across something please let me know,
a simple pingpongpatch would also be helpfull!


check \girlpower( patternpong )\PATTERNPONG.v4p

ha thnx

that helps!