Packs Folder Crowded

This isn’t a bug or feature request as such, but a wish for a more clean packs folder.

I remember someone writing that the packs folder would at some point be cleaned up. But considering how long this alpha period is and the frequent update cycle routine you can have with the alphas, I think having a clean packs folder just for the packs that you install yourself would be a lot easier to manage.

I usually just copy my packs from the old alpha folder to the new one, but it is super difficult to figure out if I got everything.

Could the packs that come with the alphas please be in a folder by itself, alternatively could we have a “MyOwnPacks” folder.

or even better vl would get its own packs folder :P

you’ve been heard. please check latest alphas!

woohooo! thanks!

thank you!

cool, this is closed. just let me take the time for a memo with a

i usually keep a recent alpha clone in my dev directory, synced directly from vvvv-sdk or one of its remote branches. its default compile target is symbolically linked into


The command to make the link is of course something akin to

c:\apps\code\> mklink /J vvvv-alpha c:\dev\vvvv\vvvv-sdk

Packs from other friendly developers reside in the pack folder as a solid copy (e.g. with vpm); my own alpha packs, however, are also symbolically linked into the \packs folder on their own terms.
It is a solid environment for incremental change.

the command to make a symbolic link for a pack of mine is usually something like

c:\apps\code\vvvv-alpha\packs\> mklink /J vvvv-MyPack c:\dev\vvvv\vvvv-MyPack\build\AnyCPU\Debug

This helps to link the latest target compile of MyPack into the latest vvvv-alpha, even ahead of the nightlies sometimes.

While this route is excellent for my own purposes, it has pushed me away from VL a little bit. VL doesn’t ship that way, so VL is still always an extra download away

I will remain patient for beta35, hopeful that this weirdness will be gone then. But I fear you’ll have to work late for christmas unless you hurry up ;)

hmm on velcrome’s note is there a convenient way for teamcity rest api to fetch latest alpha builds?

@velcrome: Well we plan to serve VL (and probably other stuff) as regular NuGet packages. So in the end should be nothing more than a nuget install VVVV.VL.Integration.

@microdee: Do these URLs help?,status:SUCCESS and,status:SUCCESS
The artifacts element takes you to the actual downloads.

thanks Elias, awesome this will come very handy! ;)