Packs at custom search path not recognized

I’m not sure if I am encountering a bug or just doing something wrong

I would like to keep my Packs in my project repository, and point there in the v4 root patch.

If I point the NodeList dir to e.g. ‘C:/MYPROJECT/packs/’ and let the subdir Node add ‘mypack/nodes’ for all the respective folders, I don’t find them in the node browser. Same on 33.3 and 33.7.

I’ve tried various combinations and paths with and without ‘nodes’ subdir, and as relative or absolute paths, without luck.

Any ideas?



Afaik the packs folder has to be in in vvvv directory.

As a workaround you could try a symbolic link. Also you might consider to add vvvv to your repo (so you get the “correct” version automatically when checking out).

I always make a symlink… In cmd (as Admin) Type “mklink /D name_dir target_dir”

Thanks for these solutions!

But in the documentation (and in the root patch itself) it states ‘create a folder for your contributions anywhere’ - which obviously doesn’t work … or does that folder just need not to be named packs?

It seems we didn’t make the difference between a simple “contribution” and a “pack” clear. while contributions can be indeed referenced from anywhere packs need to be placed in vvvvs root \packs directory (for they can have more complicated dependencies on loading).

as bjoern suggested i’d also recommend to commit the complete vvvv version + packs into a projects repo.