Package without manifest prevents from using nugets

Hello there,

This is on 2021.4.6. If you install a package that “does not contain a manifest”, vvvv cannot load installed nugets, and the VL Nugets menu cannot even be accessed.

Repro steps :

  • Open the attached MyProject.vl and install the VL.DBSCAN nuget to make the patch work. All good.
  • Install ImageFlow’s native runtimes (nuget install -pre)
  • Quit vvvv
  • Try to re-open the project by double-clicking the VL file : the nodes from the VL.DBSCAN nuget are red even though the package was installed earlier and working. If you go the Document menu, it indeed complains the package is missing.
  • Click Dependencies/VL Nuggets, gamma throws the Exception “Package does not contain a manifest”, the menu cannot be accessed (full exception here)
  • Alt+F4 vvvv, go to the nugets folder and delete the folder
  • Re-open the patch : all good again



MyProject.vl (13.8 KB)

In the 2022.5 branch we finally updated the used NuGet API. Just checked in a local dev build and your example works as expected there. A preview build should be available soon - could be that you’ll need to fetch it from directly as the preview download link on our website is probably not pointing to the new branch yet.

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