Pachube is a sort of opensource geographic data stream with quite a lot of interesting possible applications, so when I went a-data mining there with vvvv the results were… well there weren’t any!

The trouble is that the http ‘Get’ node and the xpath can’t seem to through the api there. I know some of the data is hidden behind passwords and such but trying their demo which is without security, I can’t bring up the xml (

I’ll post up a patch shortly but has anyone got any ideas about getting xml chart data through online apis?


hi Hannah,

don’t have experience with that,
but maybe you find help here or here

Thanks Kalle.

The way that Pachube’s website works meant I couldn’t find a way directly with the data through vvvv so I made a command line batch file with cURL commands to get the data, write it to a temporary file and append it to a data log that vvvv could read. I’ll look back over the stuff you recommended for a smoother method, but like I said, it might just be the way Pachube works.

Thanks again!